Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Ultimate Bailout!

Today there's a lot of fear about the world economy. Most of the trouble began when house loans were granted to people who, in the long run, couldn't pay. There are millions of loan contracts that will now need to be discarded or changed. As a result many huge companies have failed and the government has had to step in to bail them out of this mess.

God made a contract with Israel. He explained the terms of the contract to Moses which we call the Old Covenant or Testament. But Israel was unable to meet the demands of that contract. In the same way people and companies today have contracts they can't fulfill and therefore need new ones, so to a new contract was needed in order for people to be in proper relationship with God.

God stepped into the human problem and offered the ultimate bailout by issuing a new contract. This new contract didn't depend on the actions and abilities of the people it was signed and paid for by the blood of Jesus. The Bible calls this contract the New Covenant or Testament. Unlike the old contract, man is now able to successfully relate to God and it is freely offered to everyone by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It's exciting to receive the new life, forgiveness of all wrongs and the fresh relationship with God the new contract provides. 

Unfortunately many Christians are still focusing on the old contract with God and don't seem to realize a new contract has been issued. They continue trying to fulfill the terms of the old contract and can't understand why it doesn't bring the results they expect. They need to realize the old contract is no longer in effect. Jesus came to fulfill (complete) the old contract and establish a new one that really works.

Here are some clear differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant:

Old Covenant

1) Presented by Moses for Israel

2) God’s presence lived in a Tent

3) People couldn’t make personal contact with God

4) It’s based on what you do for God

5) It focuses on your actions

6) It’s applied by keeping rules and regulations (The Law)

7) It depends on your love for God

8) It depends on your faithfulness

9) It is sin conscious

10) The motive is duty to God

11) It deals with outward conduct

12) It can’t bring in inward transformation

13) Lawbreakers were judged, some put to death 

14) It produced servants and slaves to God

New Covenant

1) Presented by Jesus for the entire world

2) God lives in His people through the Holy Spirit

3) People can be in personal contact with God through the blood of Jesus

4) It’s based on what God does for you

5) It focuses on Jesus’ actions

6) It’s applied by Grace through Faith

7) It depends on God’s love for you

8) It depends on God’s faithfulness

9) It is Jesus conscious

10) The motive is love for God

11) It deals with inward heart

12) It brings in inward transformation resulting in outward change

13) Sinners are forgiven when they repent

14) It produces sons and daughters of God