Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prayer for President-Elect Obama

Yesterday Senator Obama was elected President of the United States. Once again, the country was pretty evenly split in their choice but this time the Democrats won some key States that decided the election. Whatever you're political views, Sen. Obama will soon be our President. With that, we have a responsibility to pray for him and ask God to protect and direct him.

Today my wife got her hair cut. The Berlin girl she uses likes to practice speaking English so Priscilla talked with her about the election. The girl then said something that immediately got her attention. While Germans like Obama, this girl was worried about him. In broken English and with a very worried look on her face she said, "He could be like Kennedy." Priscilla realized the girl was referring to the assassination of President Kennedy.

The United States has now elected the first African American to be it's President. While this is a huge step toward racial equality, if something sinister happened to our President elect, theUnited States could explode into unbelievable civil chaos. 

President-elect Obama and his family really needs our prayers! Let's not let him and our country down! Let's cover President-elect Obama with prayers of protect and let's ask God to expose any and all evil plots against him. Now's the time for all Christians to drop any politically oriented fever and join together in prayer as God has instructed the Church to do.

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