Saturday, January 17, 2009

PRAY for our next President!!!

As I write this blog, the inauguration of our next President is three days away. President-elect Obama just began his journey from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. As I listened to his speech I instantly realized the serious need he has for God's protection. 

As Christians, we have a responsibility to pray for people God has allowed to govern us whether we agree with their political positions or not. As I wrote in an earlier blog, if something sinister happens to our next President, it could spark major civil unrest in our nation and the world.

I urge every Christian to not allow their political agenda to hold them back from SINCERELY praying for the protection of our future President Barak Obama.

Father, I pray for your divine protection over Barak Obama. I pray that all evil plots to harm him will be stopped, exposed and absolutely fruitless. I pray that You will visit Barak Obama and place within his heart the desires You have for governing our nations. 

In Jesus' wonderful name, Amen!

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